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J. Adam Jones is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the Bagley College of Engineering at Mississippi State University. Jones teaches topics including Virtual Reality, Immersive Media, Computer Graphics, Data Science, Human-Centered Computing, Spatial Perception, and C/C++ Programming. His research focuses on utilizing virtual & augmented environments and psychophysics to better understand how humans perceive, behave, and interact with the world around them, whether real or synthetic. This research then feeds back into the creation of more perceptually accurate, higher fidelity virtual and augmented environments. Jones also has research interests in mixed reality, visual neuroscience, spatial perception, physiological optics, data science, and computer graphics.

Previously, Jones served as faculty in Computer & Information Science and Neuroscience at the University of Mississippi. He also served as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Virtual Environments Group in the Division of Human-Centered Computing at Clemson University and as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Mixed Reality Lab in the Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California. Jones earned his PhD in Computer Science with a certification in Cognitive Science from Mississippi State University.


Mississippi State University

  • CSE 4/6990: Virtual and Extended Reality Software Development, Special Topics
  • CSE 2383: Data Structures and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSE 1233: Computer Programming with C

University of Mississippi

  • Engr 691: Special Topics in Physiological Considerations for Virtual Environments
  • Neu 579: Advanced Topics in Neuroscience - Physiological Considerations for Virtual Environments
  • Neu 579: Advanced Topics in Neuroscience - Spatial Perception in Virtual Environments
  • Neu 491: Directed Research in Neuroscience
  • Engr 691: Special Topics in Spatial Perception in Virtual Environments
  • CSci 581: Special Topics in Human-Centered Computing
  • CSci 447: Immersive Media (Virtual Reality)
  • CSci 343: Fundamentals of Data Science
  • CSci 581: Special Topics in Computer Graphics
  • CSci 581: Special Topics in Virtual Reality (renamed CSci 447)
  • CSci 391: Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • CSci 390: Special Topics in C/C++ Programming

Current Students

Graduate Students

  • Zachary Garris
  • Daniel Molsbarger
  • Zeenat Islam

Undergraduate Students

  • Maggie Pettus
  • Christian Johnson

Previous Students


  • Joao Paulo Marum (PhD, Summer 2021) - Dependency-based Reactive Change Propagation Design Pattern Applied in Environments with Unpredictable Interactions
  • Ethan Luckett (MS, Spring 2020) - Assessing Distance Perception in Virtual and Augmented Realities with Electroencephalography
  • Jonathan Hopper (MS, Spring 2020) - Simulation of Virtual Reality Display Characteristics: A Method for the Evaluation of Motion Perception
  • McKennon McMillian (MS Fall, 2019) - The Effects of Differing Optical Stimuli on Depth Perception in Virtual Reality
  • Collin Roth (MS, Spring 2019) - Latency Detection Thresholds in HMD-based Virtual Environments
  • William Panlener (MS, Fall 2017) - Effects of Field of View Restriction on Spatial Judgments
  • Daniel Coto (MS, Spring 2016) - Camera-based Correction of Optical Distortions in Head-Mounted Displays
  • Aussie Warren (MS) - Haptic Feedback Devices for Enhanced Spatial Interactions


  • Logan Parker (Honors Thesis, Spring 2022) - Increasing the Perceived Realism of Mixed Reality using “Diminished Virtual Reality”
  • Ronnie Davis, Jr. (McNair Scholar, Summer 2021) - Effects of Target Eccentricity on Perceived Depth in Virtual Reality
  • Robert Ingraham (Biomedical Intern, Summer 2021) - Effects of Target Eccentricity on Perceived Depth in Virtual Reality
  • Paul Budz (Senior Project, Spring 2021) - Arduino-Based Flight Telemetry Computer for Amateur Rocketry
  • Zachary Garris (Senior Project, Spring 2021) - Hologram-like Projections using a Persistence-of-Vision Display
  • Ariana Howell (Senior Project, Spring 2021) - Inverse Kinematics in Python using Off-The-Shelf VR Tracking
  • Parker Mathis (Senior Project, Spring 2021) - Framework for Simulating Novel Augmented Reality Hardware Configurations in Virtual Reality
  • Thong Tra (Senior Project, Spring 2021) - Video-based Augmented Reality with Hand Interactions for Video Conferencing and Education
  • Nayan Chawla (Senior Project, Fall 2020) - Video-Overlay Augmented Reality Interface for Off-The-Shelf Video Conferencing Tools
  • James Shaver (Senior Project, Fall 2020) - Neural Network Polygonization of Point Cloud Data
  • Andrew Jelson (Senior Project, Fall 2020) - Neural Network Polygonization of Point Cloud Data
  • Alessandriel Harper (McNair Scholar, Summer 2020) - Remote Video-Based Marker Tracking for Augmented Reality
  • Hunter Finney (Senior Project, CREX, All-Around Superhero, Spring 2020) - Redirected Walking: Exploiting Change Blindness in Virtual Reality
  • William Brozovic (Senior Project, Spring 2020) – Computational Archaeology: Using Data Science to Understand the Past
  • Dylan Devenny (Honors Thesis, Spring 2019) - The Effect of Optical Flow on Redirection Techniques
  • Marcus Higgins (Senior Project, Spring 2019) - StatsViz: A Tool for Visual Analysis of Data
  • Robert Lampton (Senior Project, Fall 2019) - Textual Optical Flow Variations: A Study of Altered Peripheral Vision on Spatial Perception
  • Cole Smith (Senior Project, Spring 2019) - Random Dot Stereograms and Dynamic Maze Generation
  • Tykeyah Key (McNair Scholar, Summer 2018) - Determining Vive Motion Sensitivity Using a Robotic Device
  • Khoa Tran (SURGG Summer Intern, Summer 2018) - Flood Flow Visualization in Virtual Reality
  • Ethan Luckett (Honors Thesis, Spring 2018) - Quantifying the HTC Vive's Lighthouse Tracking Accuracy
  • Jonathan Hopper (Senior Project, CREX Intern, Spring 2018) - Optical Flow Presentation in Virtual Reality
  • Rashad Collier (Senior Project, Fall 2017) - Walking Recalibration in VR, Proof of Concept
  • McKennon McMillian (Senior Project, Spring 2017) - Depth Light: A Mixed Reality * Interaction Device
  • Collin Roth (Senior Project, Spring 2017) - Tabletop Optical See-Through Augmented Reality System
  • Ricky Bojorquez (Senior Project, Spring 2017) - Gait Tracking and Analysis in Immersive Virtual Reality
  • Kathrine Hewlett (Senior Project, Spring 2017) - Real-Time Correction of Off-Axis Projections
  • Alex Gunter (Senior Project, Fall 2016) - General Purpose Motion Tracking using Retroreflective Markers and the MS Kinect
  • Joseph Woestendiek (Senior Project, Fall 2016) - Stereoscopic 3D Table-top Augmented Reality Display with Hand Tracking
  • Matt Brown (Senior Project, Spring 2016) - Mechanical, 3D Position Tracking for the Oculus Rift DK1
  • Shaylen Patel (Senior Project, Spring 2016) - DIY 3D Shutter Glasses Using the Intel Galileo 2
  • Sean O'Hara (Honors Thesis, Spring 2016) - Multi-body, Infrared Motion Tracking with Off-The-Shelf Components
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