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Our laboratory, residing in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Mississippi State University, focuses on extended reality (XR) and human-centered computing research. By understanding and designing for the user, we aim to improve the spatial fidelity, realism, versatility, and comfort of XR technologies. Research of this kind is inherently interdisciplinary, requiring knowledge from computer science, psychology, neuroscience, optics, vision, and perception.

We are supportive of student projects that align with the research and creative directions of our lab. If you’re interested in doing your thesis, dissertation, or honors project with the lab, please contact Dr. Adam Jones.

Some of our projects include:

  • Neuroscience of Vision and Spatial Behavior
  • Spatial Perception & Action in Virtual and Mixed Reality
  • Spatial Vision from Photons to Neurons to Actions
  • Embodied Self-Avatars
  • Recognition of Avatar Movements in Virtual Environments
  • Hands in the Virtual World via Motion Capture
  • Low-Cost, General Purpose Motion Capture
  • Table-top Augmented Reality Display Systems
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